Friday, November 22, 2019

VMworld Europe 2019 Session on Deployment of OpenShift using VMware Cloud Assembly

This is the talk (CODE3455E) that I gave with a VMware colleague ( at VMworld Barcelona in November/2019.

This session will show how to automate a production-grade OpenShift (3.11 or 4.1) Kubernetes cluster deployment using VMware Cloud Assembly. This also shows how to utilize VMware Cloud on AWS as a resource endpoint for the environment. The entire process is automated so that every time it can be repeated without any manual intervention and should complete within a defined finite time. This talk is 60-minute long. Key Takeaways: Attendees will learn how to build an OpenShift (3.11 and 4.1) cluster on top of VMC on an AWS environment.

Learn how to automate the deployment and configuration of the OpenShift environment using VMware Cloud Assembly Learn a fail-safe way and best practices to deploy such complex environment.

Link (YouTube):


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