Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hello Universe

This is the first post of my technical blog.  Something that it is completely new for me.

After working 25+ years in the financial industry, I have never gotten a chance (well... "permission" is the right word) to disclose what I was working on.

As of May/2019, I joined the VMware OCTO team and now I can publish some of my experiments (perhaps more "trial and errors" than experiments... ) on whatever I will be working on.

I can't wait to start put some of my findings and technical wonderings here.

My twitter is @rafaelbrito .

Some disclaimer (probably I will put this on the sidebar eventually): I am horrible in writing - both in English (second language) and in Portuguese (my first language). So please do not waste your time judging my grammar or typos. I hope my command lines and respective outputs will compensate for the readers' despair.


kuard on OpenShift

A quick way to onboard the handy "Kubernetes Up and Running"  kuard application on OpenShift: curl https://raw.githubusercontent....